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Need additional funds to expand your business, cover unexpected costs, or buy advertising? Some business owners find it difficult to get unsecured loans from banks to cover these expenditures. Poor credit and business type are two of the primary reasons for denial. First Capital Payments is sympathetic to the needs of our merchants, however, and can help with a quick unsecured cash advance.

A business cash advance does not require collateral; it is easily available within days of application. An unsecured cash advance is not the same as an unsecured loan. To put it simply, you sell your future credit card processing sales to us at a discount and receive cash immediately. Once the cash advance is approved, a percentage of daily sales are used to repay the cash advance. The amount withdrawn from your bank is not fixed; it varies as your sales volume varies. These cash advances are usually repaid within six months.

What is a Cash Advance?
An unsecured Cash Advance is not the same as an unsecured loan. It is a cash advance on future credit card sales.

What are the fees?
Payment varies depending on (a) the type of business and (b) credit score.

How long does it take to pay it back?
Payment is usually somewhere between 6 to 9 months.

What much is my monthly payment?
Payment is done daily. Approximately 20% of daily sales go toward repayment.

How much can I be advanced?
Your business can be advanced up to $2,000,000 on your future receivables but the amount you receive depends on your monthly credit card sales.

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