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Important Information About EMV
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Liability Shift Deadline Fast Approaching

As of October 2015, “the liability shift” – established by MasterCard®, VISA®, Discover® and American Express® – will shift card fraud liability to “whomever is least EMV™-compliant in a fraudulent transaction.”

If you are using an old, non-EMV™-enabled system, you will be liable for fraudulent transactions when a customer uses a smart card on your outdated terminal.

Understanding, Implementing, and Benefitting From EMVTechnology
Upgrade to EMVTechnology

Improve Security. Lessen Liability.
Better Protect Your Customers.

EMV™ technology is coming fast, providing valuable new benefits. EMV™ features smart credit and debit cards with embedded microchips for payment and identification verification.

These cards are gradually replacing magnetic-stripe cards and are far more effective at preventing –
  • Fraud
  • Chargeback losses
  • Use of stolen and counterfeit cards
  • Skimming of card data
Get Ready for EMV with First Capital Payments

First Capital Payments is the local leader on EMV™ technology migration and can provide you with a variety of cost-effective, state-of-the-art EMV™-compliant terminals and mobile payment solutions, as well as smart terminal leasing options.

No matter what type of business or organization you operate – from retail to restaurant to non-profit – we make upgrading to EMV™ easy.

Your First Capital Payments representative can guide you every step of the EMV™ transition process to help you –
  • Assess all your choices in EMV™ terminals, readers and POS systems
  • Better protect your business and customers from liability and fraud
  • Accept contactless and mobile payments via EMV™ technology
  • Access the knowledge of a local processing firm

Complete, Cost-Effective EMVSolutions and More! We offer comprehensive solutions, including –
  • POS terminals and solutions
  • Wireless and mobile terminal solutions
  • Ability to accept digital wallet technology payments – Apple Pay™, Google Wallet™, and more
  • Integrated software
  • Simplified leasing and payment choices
For more information, contact your First Capital Payments representative or call  877.506.9746. 

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