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What It Is:
Google Wallet™ is a mobile application that turns a smartphone into a smarter wallet.First Capital Payments now offers this dynamic mobile processing solution to qualified merchants! Google Wallet™ users purchasing goods or services at a participating merchant simply wave their phone across a scanner. The transaction takes mere seconds and provides receipt upon request. The novelty, convenience, and security of the application mean that Google Walletis the next big thing. With Googleactively promoting this service, you can be sure it will soon become a household name. First Capital Payments is a Premier Provider of Google Wallet. Let our experts guide you into the future of commerce with an in-store demonstration of this dynamic technology.

How It Works:
We'll leave the more complicated technological aspects out and instead focus on the idea that your customer's phone wirelessly transmits payment data to your NFC enabled pin pad. Once that data has been received, you merely enter in the amount of the transaction - that's it! A two step process that happens in less time than it takes to say, "cool!"

Benefits to Me, the Merchant:
Google Wallet™ transactions are all processed as signature debit. This means that you pay the lowest rate offered in the industry.You no longer have to worry about the high expense of accepting rewards cards! With Google Wallet, users are still accruing benefits for using their rewards cards while you the merchant pay the much lower pin debit rate. It's a win-win, no-brainer decision to accept Google Wallet at your location. But that's not all. Google Walletalso allows for you to create a free GPS based virtual listing within the application. Customers will literally find and shop you. This is truly the future of commerce. Why not make your listing even more attractive by having us post specials and discounts for you as well? It's all free. You can also have us create gift and rewards cards of your own to integrate into the Google Walletapplication. If you're still reading this you should stop, pick up your phone, and schedule a demonstration of this fantastic technology for your business. This is a game changer. This technology will place your business in the same conversation as the big box retail giants spending millions on advertising and marketing!

Where Do I Begin?
Call 877-506-9746 to schedule an in-person demonstration of Google Wallet™. We will send a qualified representative to your location with everything your business requires to accept Google Wallet. Once you've seen the demonstration you can decide if this is the right choice for you. If you are currently processing with another company you will need to switch to First Capital Payments. The representative giving you the demonstration can walk you through the process of converting to First Capital Payments as your processor and Google Walletprovider and will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Still Not Convinced?
Some statistics: There are 5.9 billion cell phone owners in the world; an astonishing 87% of the world's population! In 2011, 491.4 million smartphones were purchased. Of those, 48.8% were shipped with Google's Android operating system installed. Android is currently the only O/S certified to run Google Wallet™. This means that there is an incredibly large and growing customer base for Google Walletthat is actively searching for businesses like yours. What are you waiting for? Call for your demonstration.

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