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What It Is:
QwickPAY is a mobile payments technology that allows for credit and debit cards to be processed on iPhones, iPads, and Droid devices. First Capital Payments now offers this dynamic mobile processing solution to qualified merchants! Merchants setup with QwickPAY simply activate the application on their smart device and swipe the customer's card through the mobile reader. The transaction takes mere seconds and provides a digital receipt and photo capture capability. Let our experts guide you into the future of commerce with a demonstration of this dynamic mobile technology.

How It Works:
QwickPAY attaches to the bottom of your iPhone or iPad and acts as a mobile swiper with an on-screen processing application. The Droid version is a separate unit that works via bluetooth. Both versions of QwickPAY take only seconds to authorize and each provides your customers with an instant digital receipt sent to their email address.

Benefits to Me, the Merchant:
  • The ability to accept payments anywhere you have cell service,
  • The security of reducing chargebacks by requiring signature on each transaction,
  • Additional chargeback protection by being able to take a photograph of the customer at the point of sale,
  • The experience and expertise of First Capital Payments providing everything you will need to process payments efficently, securely, and at the best rate!
Where Do I Begin?
Call 1-877-506-9746 to schedule an in-person demonstration. We will send a qualified representative to your location with everything your business requires to accept QwickPAY. Once you've seen the demonstration you can decide if this is the right choice for you. If you are currently processing with another company you will need to switch to First Capital Payments. The representative giving you the demonstration can walk you through the process of converting to First Capital Payments as your processor and QwickPAY provider and will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.
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