Introducing Encompass POS – Award-Winning Point-of-Sale Software

New Smart Interface. Same FREE Service Support.

Ready for full service, counter service, quick service, fast casual, take out, curb pick up & pizza!

“We’d been shopping for a POS and selected Encompass POS based upon their pricing and the service and support they committed to provide. We weren’t disappointed. We now have robust transaction and business capabilities through the Encompass POS system, and the flexibility to implement ongoing upgrades as our business continues to evolve.”

Missy, Rookies Sports Bar

Fewer Keystrokes, Fewer Errors

Encompass dramatically reduces the time and touches wait and counter staff need for orders. That means fewer mistakes, greater efficiency in the kitchen and the floor and happier customers.

Changes to Orders – and Pricing – Got Way Easier

Adding or deleting items and ingredients just got painless. Need to change prices? It’s easier than ever when you want to run discounts, specials or promotional events. One click does it!

Easy to Learn, Easier to Use – Your staff Will Be Up to Speed FAST

There’s never been a system more intuitive for staff working the tables – or the counter. It’s as if Encompass is the tool they’ve – and YOU – have been waiting for!

Tailored to Every Restaurant Type

Full service, quick service, counter service, fast casual? Encompass can be customized for your specific requirements.

  • Custom reports retrieved with a lightning fast system-wide search function
  • Display features tailored to your restaurant’s needs
  • Inventory and maintenance items at your fingertips

Security & Mobile Solutions

Stop worrying about leaky data: you’re safe with Encompass

  • A simple EMV solution helps you avoid chargebacks
  • NFC Ready
  • PCI Compliant

Additional Future POS Software Features:

  • Labor scheduling and employee timekeeping can be exported to numerous payroll companies and accounting packages
  • Tip pooling for team service and/or sharing tips with bar backs and busboys
  • Monitor employee breaks to keep you in compliance with state mandated and minor specific break laws
  • Issue and track gift certificates and gift cards
  • Manage frequent diner programs with customizable reward levels
  • Track inventory, calculate food costs, and export inventory information to third-party inventory packages
  • Take customer reservations
  • Store and easily access bartender drink recipes for training new bar staff
  • Pre-authorize bar tabs
  • Track house charge accounts and employee meals with personalized statements
  • Complete NFC Capabilities

  • Email numerous customers at once to alert them about specials, events, etc. via Customer loyalty program feature
  • Driver’s license verification using barcode or magnetic swipe reader
  • Beer and wine club
  • Easily split checks by seat
  • Place kitchen orders by course, with the ability to hold and fire items
  • Microsoft SQL Database for rock-solid reliability and scalability
  • Ability to interface with Microsoft MapPoint and Google Maps for delivery directions
  • Numerous interfaces to popular payroll, general ledger, and inventory control programs
  • eCommerce enabled to allow orders to come from the web to the kitchen seamlessly
  • Several EMV options with mobile-payment technologies (ApplePay, SamsungPay, etc.)


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